The English Academy of HK 九龍城英國英語中心
The English Academy of HK 九龍城英國英語中心
由英國老師教授,確保您的小朋友學習正確英國英語發音。針對幼兒的學習能力、需要和興趣,採用合適教學方法。免費評估,設計個人化的課程內容,包括Phonics,Early reading,Writing等。

營業中 10:00 AM 至 07:00 PM
10:00 AM 至 07:00 PM
10:00 AM 至 07:00 PM
10:00 AM 至 07:00 PM
10:00 AM 至 07:00 PM
10:00 AM 至 07:00 PM
10:00 AM 至 07:00 PM
$295 - $495/人
適合 1 至 2 人


The English Academy of Hong Kong


二零一九年,英國英語中心在九龍城開幕,這是我們第二間英語中心,超過十年教學經驗。由英國老師教授 ,確保小朋友在正確英國英語發音的環境中學習。針對幼兒的學習能力ability、需要needs和興趣interests,採用合適的教學方法(different approach),於首次試堂(免費)後英語老師會為小朋友設計合適及個人化的課堂內容 ,包括英文自然發音/拼音(phonics)、幼兒早期閱讀(early reading)、快速閱讀技巧(fast track reading)及創意寫作(creative writing)。


Founded and operated by Native British teacher.

Over 10 successful years of teaching in HK.


Teaches Phonics, Early reading, Creative writing etc. (according to childrens' age and ability)


We have always tried to remain a place where kids love to come. Somewhere that they can be themselves, where they are not judged and feel very welcome. School is tough enough and we do not want to simply be an extension or mirror of school life. Yes we have rules, but they are simple and fair, and ones which make sense to kids. We actively encourage our students to lie on the floor to work, (It's clean and they love it!) laugh and make silly sounds, feel unafraid to speak their minds and just enjoy their time with us. If children are happy, they are learning!



Price list:

星期六 Saturday                                1:1      $495

星期六 Saturday                                1:2     $395/each

星期一至五 Monday to Friday              1:1      $395               

星期一至五 Monday to Friday              1:2     $295/each





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Call us at +852 9065-2641(中文) or +852 6238-1056(English)

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